The CBW (lectures and training courses) will be held at Tver State University (TSU) in Tver City (Russia). Tver is located 160 km northward from Moscow. Information how to reach Tver you will find in Practical Information. Tver is a city and the administrative center of Tver Oblast (Region) of Russia (population – 408,800). More information about Tver City you will find here:


We plan that participants will arrive Moscow and Tver on Sunday, 20 July 2014 and depart from Tver on Friday, 1 August 2014. In this case TSU will organize bus transportation from Moscow airports to Tver. Alternatively, partcipants may reach Tver by train. CBW will be open on 9-00 Monday, 21 July 2014 with a Registration and Opening Ceremony, and closed after Closure Ceremony on 19-00 Thursday, 31 July 2014. Lectures and training courses will be given daily from 9-00 to 19-00 with breaks for coffee-breaks and lunch, except of day excursions on Saturday 26 July and Sunday 27 July 2014. Departure from Tver to Moscow will be organized by TSU also.


Accommodation will be arranged with single rooms in the hotel in the city center for lecturers and shared double rooms for students in the University Campus. Accommodation will be at a walking distance from TSU.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by TSU. Provision will be made for participants with special dietary needs (!!!!!please inform LOC!!!!!). In the city center there are several restaurants and cafes.

Internet and laptops

Wi-Fi Internet will be provided in TSU and TSU Campus. We ask participants to bring their own laptops, but TSU will provide laptops for those who will not have them. There will be a computer-driven projector for the lectures and training courses. TSU will provide printer, xerox and scanner for needs of CBW.


Registration of participants will take place in TSU on 9-00 – 9-30 on Monday, 21 July 2014.

 Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony will take place in TSU on 9-30 on Monday, 21 July 2014, where Rector of TSU, Director of CBW, and Chair of LOC will provide participants with practical information.

Closure Ceremony

Closure Ceremony will take place in TSU on 18-00 on Thursday, 31 July 2014, where Executive Director of COSPAR, Representative of WMO, Rector of TSU, Director of CBW, and Chair of LOC will provide participants with diplomas.


We plan to organize for participants a Welcome Reception the evening of Monday, 21 July 2014 and Farewell Dinner the evening of Thursday, 31 July 2014 after Closure Ceremony. Two whole day excursions will be organized by TSU during weekend:

on Saturday, 26 July 2014 — bus trip for historical villages: Tver – Raek – Torzhok – Bernovo – Staritsa – Tver;

on Sunday, 27 July 2014 — bus trip for nature landscapes: Tver – Source of Volga River – Nilova Pustyn – Seliger Lake – Tver.

During CBW TSU will organize walking excursions in Tver City.

Please inform LOC about participation in the weekend excursions in advance.

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