Practical Information


The local language is Russian. During the workshop, the official language will be English.

Currency, foreign exchange and banking

The Russian currency is Russian Rouble. The current exchange rate can be checked here:

Major international credit cards are accepted at hotels, as well as at most restaurants, cafes, shops, airports, railway stations, and car rental agencies only in Moscow, however, not everywhere in Tver. It is easy to exchange U.S. Dollars and Euro with Russian Rouble everywhere in Moscow and Tver in cash. We do no not recommend to use traveler checks. There are numerous Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in Moscow and several in Tver. Banks usually have short days on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays in Russia. Please consult your card issuer bank on the fees applicable.

Only credit cards with 4-digit PIN codes are accepted by ATMs in Russia. Cards with 5-digit PIN codes will likely be deemed invalid.


Electricity in Russia is 220 Volts, frequency is 50 Hz nationwide.

Russia (along with much of Eastern Europe) uses sockets with 4.0 mm pins similar to Type C plugs and the 4.8 mm standard used by Type E & F (Eurostandard). See details here:


The climate of Tver is sunny, warm and comfortable in July. Mean day air temperature is 20-25oC. Mean precipitation is 83 mm/month. Light clothes but with jackets are strongly recommended. For current weather forecasts please visit:

How to reach Tver

Tver is located 160 km northward from Moscow. Without knowledge of Russian Language you will experience problems to get Tver from one of three airports in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo), because first you have to reach Moscow city by fast train Aeroexpress (40-45 min), then take a metro to arrive Leningradsky Railway Station, then take a regional train which goes 2.5 hours or fast train (one hour, 5 trains a day only, tickets must be purchased a month in advance). This is why we plan to meet participants and lecturers in groups directly in the airports, and transport them to Tver by mini buses. For help with the transfer please look for Tver COSPAR CBW banner in hands of TSU staff right after the exit from customs area to the airport hall. Please inform LOC about your flight itinerary in advance and be free to contact LOC for suggestions and help if you take a train. If you take a train, make sure you exchange some money (100 Euro) in one of the exchange desks inside airport in Moscow. Russian participants arriving Moscow by train may reach Tver independently. All participants will be supplied by mobile numbers of TSU staff in the airports and of LOC.

 Visa Information

Russian visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Russian visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through Russian territory. All visitors to Russia must have a passport valid for at least six months after the end of the trip. Visitors from most countries must also obtain Russian entry visa. To find out if a visa is required, and for contact information of Russian Consulates around the world, please consult the COSPAR home page:

All participants will be provided with necessary support by the LOC. Obtaining a visa will entail the following steps:

1). Each participant will fill a form for a visa invitation requested from LOC before 15 May 2014.

2). After the form is submitted a letter of invitation will be sent to each participant.

3). Participants needing a visa must then apply to the appropriate Russian consulate in his/her country by 1 June 2014.

To make your trip to Russia an easy and pleasant one, you are kindly advised to consult the local Russian Embassies or Consulates-General first for travel information. They will readily help you go through the necessary procedures. The requirements for visa application vary depending on the country.


COSPAR, WMO, CBW, LOC and Tver State University do not provide the insurance of participants against personal injury, sickness and theft, or property damage. The same also applies to any associated event held during the CBW period. Participants are advised to arrange health insurance, which is also necessary for visa application. Neither COSPAR, nor WMO, nor CBW, nor LOC, nor Tver State University, nor the CBW sponsors assume any responsibility for loss, injury or damage to persons or belongings, however caused.


Programme of CBW in PDF may be downloaded from here (CBW-Program)

Application form

“Application for Participation” Form may be downloaded from here.(Application-Form-2014-02-24)


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