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21.07.2014 Introduction to WMO and its support to climate change science Stephan Bojinski
The incredible saga of satellite oceanography Andrey Kostianoy
Satellite altimetry: History and Method Sergey Lebedev
Satellite altimetry in Earth sciences Sergey Lebedev
What do we know about dying and dead seas? Andrey Kostianoy
Complex satellite monitoring of the Aral sea region Andrey Kostianoy
Satellite altimetry of the inland seas, lakes and rivers Sergey Lebedev
22.07.2014 Multichannel, multiplatform approach for marine environment study Sergey Stanichny
Landsat for OCEAN study Sergey Stanichny
Internet archives for satellite data Sergey Stanichny
Application of satellite data to coastal and water resource management Vitaly Sychev
23.07.2014 Regional climate change in the East-Siberian and Far-East Seas of Russia Andrey Kostianoy
Regional climate change in the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas Andrey Kostianoy
Regional climate change in Central Asia in 21st Century Andrey Kostianoy
24.07.2014 Satellite monitoring of water resources in Turkmenistan Andrey Kostianoy
Three-dimensional digital model of the Karashor basin and Turkmen lake «Altyn Asyr» Andrey Kostianoy
Regional climate change and complex satellite monitoring of transboundary waters of Russia and Estonia Andrey Kostianoy
Satellite altimetry: Type of Data and Data Bases Sergey Lebedev
25.07.2014 Water management in transboundary arid zones; Tigris and Eupratus watersheds Alexei Kouraev
Satellite monitoring and in situ observations for study of Siberian wetlands and rivers Alexei Kouraev
28.07.2014 Monitoring weather and climate from space Vesa Nietosvaara
Processing of MSG Data Suleiman Mostamandy
WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory + RSHU – VLab Component Eduard Podgaiskii
29.07.2014 Some aspects of climate change Andrey Belotserkovsky
Use of Satellite Data for Climate Applications — CM SAF — Zanita Avotniece
Introduction to EUMETSAT Data centre Kristina Petraityte
Time Series Analysis Techniques Oleg M.Pokrovsky
Multi Spectral Imagery Applications RGB images for monitoring the atmosphere Jochen Kerkmann
30.07.2014 Remote Sensing Applications for Land/ Atmosphere Interactions: Surface Net Radiation Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
Physical Principles of Passive Microwave Radiometry. Soil Moisture Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
Soil Moisture Estimation from Space and its Validation Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
Exploring the Sensitivity of Passive Microwave Signatures to Different Surface and Observation Conditions Using the L-band Microwave Emission of the Biosphere (L-MEB) Model Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
Spatial statistics in analysis and prediction: Methods, Algorithms and Applications Oleg M.Pokrovsky
Climate Change Challenges and Earth Observation Business Opportunities Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
31.07.2014 Satellite altimetry of inland water bodies. I. Physical principals and algorithms Yuliya I. Troitskaya
Satellite altimetry of inland water bodies. II. Experimental Coastal and Hydrology products and results of analysis Yuliya I. Troitskaya
Remote sensing of severe weather conditions over the sea. I.Methods (on example of TC Megi) Yuliya I. Troitskaya
Satellite remote sensing of severe weather conditions over the sea. II. On problems of scatterometry. Yuliya I. Troitskaya
Remote Sensing of Marine ecosystems respond to environment changes  DanLing Tang
COSPAR – a Platform for international cooperation in space research Jean-Louis Fellous
ESA’s Earth Observation Programmes Jerome Benveniste
Coastal Altimetry: past, present an future — A Review Stefano Vignudelli


Additional materials
Links to trainings for «Radar Altimeter Database System» and «Hydrology from Space»
List of software for processing geospatial data from Eduard Podgaiskii
COSPAR Capacity Building Workshops Fellowship Program
L-band Microwave Emission of the Biosphere (L-MEB) Model:Description and calibration against experimental data sets over crop fields

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